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Alliance MMA, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMMA) is a mixed martial arts organization offering premier promotional opportunities for aspiring mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters to showcase their talent and advance to the sport’s highest level of professional competition. Alliance MMA’s mission is to identify and develop the next generation of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other leading MMA promotion champions including The World Series of Fighting and Bellator.[1][2]
With some of the world’s leading MMA promotions under the Alliance MMA umbrella, the organization aims eventually to host in excess of 125 events per year,[1][2] showcasing more than 1,000 fighters. Alliance MMA will also be dedicated to generating live original sports media content, attracting an international fan base, and securing major brand sponsorship revenue for live MMA events, digital media and Alliance MMA fighters.[3]
MMA is a full contact sport that allows a wide range of fighting techniques including, striking and grappling from various martial arts & disciplines including Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate & Muay Thai. Professional MMA fights are legal and regulated by state athletic commissions in all 50 states.[4]
Alliance MMA, Inc. was incorporated in 2015 for the purpose of acquiring businesses that engage in the promotion of mixed martial arts events. In 2016 the company completed an initial public offering which culminated in a listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange.[1][2][3] Alliance MMA is the only mixed martial arts promotion company that is publicly traded, allowing public investment in the world’s fastest growing sport.[1][2][3]

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