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Yes, absolutely!  We encourage everyone new to the sport to try a week out for free to see if you like it.

No.  You can simply wear some board shorts or workout clothes and a t-shirt to try it out.  We also have a few clean loaner gi’s available as well!

You should arrive about 10 or 15 min early to your first class so you can meet our instructor, sign a waiver and get set up with a loaner gi.  You should simply wear some comfortable athletic wear, such as some board shorts or workout shorts along with an athletic shirt (please make sure that you don’t have any zippers or buttons, as those can cut the mats and other people).  Additionally, most people wear sandals as shoes are not allowed on the mats.  Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to bring along some water as well!

Each class begins with a warm-up, each is a little different, but you can expect some mobility movements, a light jog around the mat, some core exercises and other movement and stretching drills typically.  We will then transition to learning some techniques, each week focuses on a specific position and theme, each day will progressively build that technique.  The instructor will demonstrate and answer questions, you will then be paired up with a partner or group to drill the technique while the instructor makes adjustments and teaches in real time.  The last part of class will be live “training” (often referred to as rolling) which is essentially sparring for grapplers.  You may choose to sit out the first round, but when you are ready you will be paired up with an experienced partner to help guide you through the positions and process of this live training aspect.

Certainly!  Jiu Jitsu emphasizes the use of leverage and technique over the use of size and strength.  Your child will learn to defend themselves by utilizing techniques to subdue their opponent in a safe way without using of kicks or punches.  Your child will learn better physical awareness, enjoy increased flexibility and coordination, as well as build on the mental aspects of their personality such as discipline, respect, confidence as well as building increased self esteem.  All of the classes are taught in a positive and friendly manner to encourage a fun atmosphere that encourages the children to want to continue training!  Bring the kids by for a free trial to see if they like it before you commit to signing them up.

While the majority of our training is focused on sport Jiu Jitsu, the self defense aspects cannot be ignored.  A quick search of the internet on the application of BJJ for self defense will show a myriad of options to apply the technique.  One thing can be certain, you will spar in our classes and apply the techniques in a controlled environment to ensure that you are grasping the techniques!

A jiu jitsu gi (or kimono) is the two piece uniform that you wear when training jiu jitsu.  The material is quite heavy and often reinforced in many places to withstand the rigors of training.  We carry some assortment of Gi’s available for purchase in the gym.  We can order Gi’s and just about any size and color from a variety of top manufacturers such as Venum and CK Fight Life, with a very rapid turn around and very affordable pricing.

Some basic and generalized guidelines while training:

  • Keep a clean and tidy uniform.
  • Respect everyone.  Especially your instructors and teammates.
  • Check the ego and attitude at the door.
  • Be on time for class.
  • Don’t be overly aggressive while training.  Manage your output to match your opponents size and strength.
  • No shoes on the mats.
  • Keep up proper grooming (don’t forget to trim your fingernails and toenails)


If you are a first time or visiting students please fill out and sign the following waiver form for our records.